Seller: Gillian Brown
State: Arizona
City: Tempe
Zip code: 85282
Type: Animals

Have you seen? Or do you know where she is? Were you given? Did you find?
Your story might start like that.
And you probably love her like you've had her forever.
Did it ever occur to you that she was taken from me and given away without permission?
Can you imagine what it's like still searching for her night and day...EVERY DAY hoping you'll still find her?
I do that. I search. I cry. I pray. I search. I cry. I pray more. 
All the time realizing that you were asked to take a dog. Hold onto her for a while. Do a favor for a friend of a friend.
And you didn't realize that a whole rescue community was looking for this dog to reunite her with her family.
Please email me and let me know how she is. First and foremost, I'd like to know she is okay and hopefully being loved.
Lets take it from there.
Unaltered 6yo Female
Aussie/Long Haired Pom/Chi
Reddish Orange Carmel Smooth Fur
With White on belly and chest
Specks on "fawn-like" paws and Muzzle.
Softest fur.
Sweetest girl.
Loves fetch and toys to whip around.
Walks in a squatting way while she pees.
Is excllent on the leash.
Barks like Dino from the Flintstones.
Stands on her hind legs like a toddler, but won't touch the counter...just peeks!
Please email me personally at : or text to 707-636-.
Check out her FB page at